Journal of Law and Social Resarch no. 4, 2013 – University of Copenhagen

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17 February 2014

Journal of Law and Social Resarch no. 4, 2013

Special Issue on Law and Runaway Women

Edited by Nida Kirmani and Rubya Mehdi
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  • Guardian or Saboteur? The State and the Right to Choice in Marriage
    by Prem Chowdhry
  • The Grammar of Honour and Revenge
    by Tor H Aase
  • Našardi Bori and her Stories: Framing Elopement in a Romani Community
    by Zoran Lapov
  • Saraiki Proverbs Related to Runaway Women
    by Sajid Sultan
  • Liberating Battered Ethnic Minority Women on Women’s International Liberation Day?
    by Louise Lund Liebmann
  • A Context-Sensitive Approach to Immigrant Pakistani Women’s Rights in Norway
    by Farhat Taj
  • Exploring the Issue of ‘Run-away Women’ in Pakistan: A Call for Social and Legal Change
    by Amjad Hussain and Humaira Afzal
  • Book Review
    by Shirin Zubair