Journal of Law and Social Research no.1, 2009-10 – University of Copenhagen

03 January 2011

Journal of Law and Social Research no.1, 2009-10

Edited by Rubya Mehdi
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Urf' and Custom in Common Law and Islamic Law: Common Law Marriage, Zawag Orfi and Zawaj Misyar
by Muhammad Khalid Masud

The Logic in the Traditional Share of the Daughter in Father's Patrimony: A Case Study of the Punjab
by M. Azam Chaudhary

Flying Kites in Pakistan: Turbulences in Theory and Practice

Women Protection Act 2006
by Rubya Mehdi, Postscriptum: Abdul Aziz Khan Niazi

The Frontier is Where the Jews Live: "A Case of Israeli" Democratic Colonianism
by Nicola Perugini

Case Note:

Judicial Approach to Child Relocation
by Mr. Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani

Book Review:

"Creolization: History, Ethnography, Theory", Charles Stewart (ed.), Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast, 2007, 268 pp., ISBN 978-1-59874-278-7
by Tommaso Sbriccoli