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06 February 2012

Journal of Law & Social Research no. 2, 2011

Special Issue on Law and Corruption

Edited by Livia Holden and Rubya Mehdi
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Human Rights in 'Controling and Combating Corruption': The 'Uselessness of Good Ideas?' - Synoptic Remarks
by Upendra Baxi

Like Chameleons: Civil Servants and Corruption in Malawi
by Gerhard Anders

Corruption in Pakistani Courts in the Light of Local Cultural Context: The Case Study of the Pakistani Punjab
by M. Azam Chaudhary

Afghanistan: Corruption and Injustice in the Judicial System
by Antonio De Lauri

Constructing Corruption: Narratives of Panchayat Justice under Brittish Rule during the Early Nineteenth Century
by James Jaffe

Vernacular anti-corruption: Rural Experiments with a Agenda of Good Governance
by Gaia von Hatzfeldt

Book Review:

Corruption and Misuse of Public Office
Book review by Asad Jamal